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Glass fibre brush

The glass fibre brush is a development of the glass fibre eraser and polishing pen. While you can process particularly small surfaces with the pen, the glass fibre brush cleans, polishes and grinds larger surfaces.

The uses of the brushes are similar to the glass fibre eraser and polishing pens. Again, it is mainly the watch and jewelry industry, the electrical industry, precision mechanics, restorers, as well as the electrical, DIY and car accessory trade that uses these products. Additionally, the glass fibre brush can also be used for cleaning print rollers and printer matrixes.

The glass fibre brush is generally suitable for polishing metals, including the removal of anodized aluminum, for example Car Rims.
In the manufacture of aluminum tube, the thread and the environment of the tubes can be trimmed and cleaned.

The glass fiber brushes consist of a fixed glass fiber bundle, wrapped with a cotton cord. The cotton cord is additionally used for stability and is also the handle of the brush, which can be unwound depending on the wear and tear.

On request, the glass fiber brush can be supplied with a slip-proof rubber coating (black or blue) or complete with plastic coated glass fiber. In addition, we can also supply a tool holder made of natural wood for the standard size of 20 mm diameter.





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