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Glass fibre polishing discs

The vast majority of our glass fibre polishing discs is produced for use in the porcelain and glass industry. Here, especially gold decorations, which are faded through the burning processes are again polished to high gloss without damaging decors and surfaces.

Here, the specific polishing properties of our glass fiber stand out.

Solid polishing bodies, for example, made of wire, brass, copper or corundum, are hardly suitable for polishing and leave visible processing traces. Soft polishing bodies, for example made of plastic, natural materials or natural fibres, prevent surface damage, but hardly achieve the desired polishing result or are very time-consuming.

Using our polishing discs, the nature and type of processing allows us

  • to achieve the optimum polishing result in a very short period of time
  • to work the surface gently
  • to polish economically compared to chemical and mechanical polishing

Further advantages:

  • health-damaging detergents are not required
  • disposal or reprocessing of cleaning and rinsing fluids is unnecessary
  • by individual adaptation of speed and pressure, many other surfaces can be polished next to gold (optimally with gold at about 1,200 rpm max. up to approx. 2,000 rpm)
  • using variable disc sizes, even the smallest and difficult to access places can be polished
  • polishing can be carried out on site without major machine purchases






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