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Glass fibre erasers

Originally, the glass fibre eraser, now known as glass fibre eraser and polishing pen, was developed for corrections (etchings) in technical drawings. This invention made it possible for the first time to correct India ink or ink drawings neatly without damaging the paper, transparencies or parchment paper.

In addition to its capacity as eraser, its excellent properties when cleaning, polishing and grinding smallest surfaces are still highly regarded today. Meanwhile, you will find our products in well-stocked DIY stores as well as with electrical, craft and car accessory dealers. Also, the watch and jewelry industry, the electrical industry, precision mechanics and restorers are now working with our products.

Our glass eraser are before and after cleaning the solder or welds.

Our glass fibre eraser pens consist of a writing sleeve, in which - depending on size - a 2, 4, 8 or 10 mm thick fiber glass cartridge is located. By rotation or pressure this cartridge can be driven out and sunk depending on requirement and wear. Through this stepless adjustment, the hardness of the polishing cartridge can be set and thus individually polished or cleaned. If a cartidge is exhausted, it will simply be replaced by a refill. The cartridge itself consists of a glass fibre bundle which is fixed in a sleeve at the end.

We produce glass fibre eraser and polishing pens in various sizes, in standard colours, special colours, with or without embossing (hot embossing), and depending on customer request with a plastic or metal tip.







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