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Synthetic fibre and natural hair erasers

These erasers made of synthetic fibers and natural hair are particularly suitable for cleaning and more gentle polishing of metals, wood, art and natural products.

The pens enable working on small areas as well as in the smallest nooks and crannies.
By infinitely variable rotating and sinking of the cartridge, the hardness of the polishing cartridge can be set and thus individually polished or cleaned.

After polishing with car polish there are often remain on the rubber and the wells or the edges of paint, here you can remove the residues with the nylon insert

Our erasers made of synthetic fibers and natural hair consist of a sleeve in which a synthetic fiber or natural hair cartridge is positioned. Depending on requirement and wear, this cartridge can be driven out and sunk by turning. If a cartridge is exhausted it is simply replaced by a refill. The cartridge itself consists of a brass or steel wire bundle that is fixed in a sleeve at the end or with a binder.




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