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Brass and steel wire erasers

Brass and steel wire erasers complement our product range. These products are applied when cleaning, polishing, sanding, scraping and deburring.

Especially for small and delicate handicrafts, our brass and steel wire erasers are ideal aids.
Through simple and infinitely variable adjustment, the hardness of the brush can be matched to the surface to be processed and to the intended application.

Brass and steel wire erasers are not only applied in the watch and jewelry industry, in the electrical industry, in garages or by precision mechanics and restorers, but there are also numerous possibilities for application in private, hobby and craft areas.

Rusty and dirty threads can be cleaned with the 4mm brass or steel wire without problems, especially inaccessible areas such as the motorcycle, car, or caravan

The pens are made of a sleeve in which the replaceable steel or brass brush (cartridge) is positioned.
Depending on requirement and application, this cartridge, as described above, can be driven out and sunk by turning. If a cartridge is exhausted it is simply replaced by a refill. The cartridge itself consists of a brass or steel wire bundle that is fixed in a sleeve at the end.





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